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4th Annual Hilton Art Walk & Busker Festival - another fantastic day in Hilton Village!

In the heart of our cherished village, something truly magical unfolded last Saturday on a very drizzly and overcast morning. For six hours, our 4th Annual Hilton Art Walk & Busker Festival added even more color to this vibrant neighborhood with beautiful artwork, live painting, a chalk art contest, and the melodious sounds of over 20 musicians playing busker-style. The event was nothing short of a resounding success, uniting local artists & musicians, residents, and visitors in a celebration of creativity and commuNNity spirit.


The streets of Hilton Village were turned into a lively gallery with live painting, sketching, beading, and textile work, creating masterpieces right before the eyes of a captivated audience. We had over 60 artists present this year, and the competition was intense for our juried awards.


This year’s show was judged by Heather Schnell. Heather is an art teacher at Booker T. Washington Middle School and a Graduate Art Education Professor at Christopher Newport University. She is a Girl's Soccer Coach at Booker T. Washington, mothers her two sweet daughters, and is a fantastic painter in her own right.

We are happy to present this year's Juried Award Winners

Best In Show – Lucille Kilpatrick

Best Newport News Artist – Rhonda Wagner

Best 2 D Artist – Derak Green

Runner Up 2 D Artist - A. Beth Clark McDonal

Best 3 D Artist – Jama Watts

Runner Up 3 D Artist = Sharon Dombroski

Thank you to all the great artists that participated in this year’s juried art show!


There were new, up and coming artists present at this year’s festival. HVMS partnered with Newport News Public Schools Arts to have the first-ever Chalk Art Battle in our city. All 6 Newport News high schools participated. This year’s winner attends Greater Hilton’s own Warwick High School with their Hilton Street Scape Starry Night piece. This contest was a true testament to the creative spirit within the young artist's community. Check out all this amazing artwork created by our local high school art students!


The Music on Our Streets

Music flowed through the air as more than 20 musicians took to the streets to perform busker-style. From the melodic strumming of acoustic guitars to the delicate bowing of violins, the music added an extra layer of enchantment to the event. Passersby found themselves tapping their feet and joining impromptu dance sessions, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness.


Beyond the visual and auditory delights, the Art Walk Show brought our community together with the year’s community project “Paper City”. For months, event organizers collected cardboard boxes and recyclable materials that would be able to transform with a few coats of tempera paint. During the event, adults and children picked their recyclable item of choice and created their building, bridge, or car to add to Paper City. The creations stretched down CommuNNity Way to Peace Street and Togetherness Way on a paper map. The end result was amazing. Be sure to check out the Hilton Art Walk & Busker Festival on Instagram or Facebook to get the video tour of our Paper City.


Local businesses also benefited from the event, with many shops and restaurants reporting increased foot traffic and sales. Some had their best days on record. The event not only celebrated the arts but also reinforced the importance of supporting local businesses and building a strong sense of community.

We’d like to give thanks to those who made this event possible.

Thank you to our creatives – the Artists. You give this event purpose. You are our inspiration.

Thank you to our Buskers! You came and shared your talents with us all. You created harmony along the path.

Thank you to Heather Schnell our juried art judge!

Thank you to Kate Helwig and Sister Cities of Newport News for bringing your amazing globe and teaching us how, through your efforts, Newport News is intimately connected to the world.

Thank you to NNPS Arts for this new partnership!

Thank you to the art students of Menchville, Woodside, Denbigh, Warwick, Heritage, and the Virtual Learning Academy for your amazing chalk skills and for those who participated as volunteers all day at the event.

Thank you to Joe Blount and Gum Grove Services for manicuring Main Street for the artists to display their wares!

Thank you to the NNPD who ushered patrons safely across Warwick Boulevard and kept us safe.

Thank you to the Contemporary Arts Network for displaying the larger-than-life works “His Rule” by LaJae Essence and ‘Baby Bonnet’ by Ray Johnson Art from the Newport News Street Museum at the event.

Thank you to our Merchant Presenting Sponsor Dana Robbins of Robbins Nest Realtor for her continued support of the Hilton Art Walk & Busker Festival, the Hilton Village Main Street Program, and Historic Hilton Village, Inc.

Thank you to the City of Newport News for cosponsoring the event and their continued support of the Hilton Village Main Street Program.

Thank you to our volunteers from the Navy Petty Class Association, the Denbigh Lions Club, and our friends and neighbors of Historic Hilton Village, Greater Hilton, and Newport News.

Thank you to Historic Hilton Village, Inc. for facilitating our program, Hilton Village Main Street - enabling us to curate, coordinate, and execute this fine event.

Thank you to our merchants who have created such an amazing and hospitable area for this event.

And a big thanks to the Historic Hilton Village community that hosted this event in their front lawns and green spaces. Thank you for sharing your piece of the village.

The Hilton Art Walk & Busker Festival is a testament to the power of art and the strength of our community spirit. This event showcased the talent that resides within our midst and brought people from all walks of life together to celebrate creativity. As we look ahead to the future, we are excited to see how this event will continue to flourish, create new partnerships, and inspire generations to come.

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