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Earth Planters in the Business District

HVMS staff were introduced to Earth Planters at the 2022 @mainstreetnow conference. They were super impressed with the planter's water-wicking design and water retention capability. After a rave review and thoughtful recommendation was made by an Arizona Main Street community, we decided to give them a shot.

A big challenge in our business district is access to water for landscaping. There aren't too many available and easily accessible water spigots. The beauty of Earth Planters is that you don't need to water them very often. Earth Planters do not use soil, they use a soilless growing medium. After researching the best mediums, we selected ProMix for our planters - it's a blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus, perlite, limestone, and mycorrhizae. Also, the Earth Planters are hollow - this void serves as a water reservoir that wicks moisture up through the center of the pot.

HVMS staff enlisted the help of our villagers that live in the business district to install 5 of the planters on the north side of the 10200 block of Warwick Blvd during the fall of 2022. On the day of installation, we filled up the inside of the vessels with water and then added our Promix to the center of the pot. We could not believe how much the mix expanded as it got wet - it doubled in size. We shook off the soil from the plants we purchased and placed them in all of the planters.

When we spoke to the Arizona Main Street community, they mentioned that they only had to refill the pots once a month. We knew VA is a much wetter and more humid environment, we assumed that we would only have water in the summertime.

Fast forward ten months and the planters are doing just fine. And guess what, WE HAVE NEVER WATERED THEM! It's been almost a year and the only maintenance required has been to prune the plants and add in the annuals that we have left over from our seasonal festivals. Our Virginia rain has provided plenty of precipitation for these pots!

Earth Planters, we are fans for life! We cannot wait to add more throughout the district!

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