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Feeding a big crowd for the holidays, no problem!

As the holiday season descends upon Greater Hilton, the air is filled with the promise of joy, laughter, and, of course, delicious feasts. If you're hosting a gathering for your visiting family and searching for the perfect place to accommodate your big party, look no further. Greater Hilton boasts a selection of locally-owned restaurants, each with ample space for large groups and a commitment to providing a warm and friendly atmosphere. From casual fine dining to wood-fired pizzas and craft beers, here are four gems that will make your holiday celebrations truly special.

Kismet Bistro - Casual Fine Dining

Step into the sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance of Kismet Bistro, where casual fine dining takes center stage. This hidden gem is perfectly equipped to handle your big family gathering. With an expansive dining area and a menu that combines culinary excellence with approachable dishes, Kismet Bistro offers an ideal setting for a festive holiday feast. The attentive staff ensures that your family's dining experience is nothing short of exceptional, making every moment a celebration.

Smoke BBQ - Wood Fired Pizzas, BBQ, Brisket, Smoked Wings, and Chicken

For a taste of smoky perfection, head to Smoke BBQ, where wood-fired pizzas, BBQ, brisket, and smoked wings steal the show. The spacious interior and expansive heated patio accommodates large parties, providing a laid-back yet festive setting for your holiday celebration. The friendly staff at Smoke BBQ adds to the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that your family can indulge in a feast of flavorful dishes while basking in the warmth of holiday cheer.

Hilton Tavern - Burgers, Reubens, Ribs, Crabcakes

A local favorite, Hilton Tavern, is a treasure trove of comfort food classics with a twist. From mouthwatering burgers to savory ribs and crabcakes, this restaurant has something for everyone in your family. The generous space and welcoming ambiance make Hilton Tavern an excellent choice for hosting a big party during the holidays. The staff's friendly and attentive service enhances the overall experience, making it a memorable gathering for all.

Bird Girl Bottle Shop - Craft Pizzas and Beer/Wine in a Historic Hilton Village House

Immerse yourself in the charm of history at Bird Girl Bottle Shop, housed in a 105-year-old historic building. This unique establishment offers craft pizzas and an extensive selection of beer and wine by the bottle or drafts on tap. With a huge deck for outdoor seating, it's the perfect spot for a relaxed and enjoyable holiday celebration. Enjoy cornhole, giant Jenga, giant checkers, or any of the board games available with friends and family. The combination of craft beverages, artisanal pizzas, and the historic ambiance creates an experience that your family will cherish during the festive season.

Greater Hilton's culinary scene is a treasure trove of delights for those seeking the perfect venue to host a holiday gathering for their visiting family. From the casual fine dining at Kismet Bistro to the smoky goodness of Smoke BBQ, the comfort food classics at Hilton Tavern, and the historic charm of Bird Girl Bottle Shop, each restaurant offers a unique experience with ample space for big parties and friendly staff to make your celebrations unforgettable. This holiday season, treat your family to a feast that combines the best of Greater Hilton's local flavors and warm hospitality.

Cheers to joyous reunions and delectable feasting!

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