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Hilton Village Farmers Market - How's it going?

We resurrected the Hilton Village Farmers Market on January 7th and it has been a whirlwind of crazy weather, amazing people, and good times ever since! Originally established in 2012 by Chad Martin, (chef and owner of Circa 1918) and Mike Robbins (Realtor), the market had a great run until it's closure in 2015.

After the pandemic, the need to reopen the market was undeniable. Folks were craving the outdoors and shared a desire to commune with their neighbors. During the global shutdown, entrepreneurs found their calling, and many people decided to follow their dreams of baking, saucing, cooking, growing, and farming skills. This resulted in a surplus of great vendors. This great market comeback was perfectly timed and has been well received!

Instead of having a traditional Spring to Fall market, HVMS believed that it would make more of an impact on our merchant district and community to have the farmers market run year-round. By only taking a pause on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s Day, we can provide Greater Hilton, Newport News, and Hampton with a consistent outdoor option for weekly shopping for household consumables. This decision also supports the vendor community that lacks a dependable place to sell their goods during the winter.

The Hilton Village Farmers Market is focusing only on consumable goods at this time, so only items you use on a regular basis, i.e.: food, soaps/body care, and candles. If you’d like to sell at the market, reach out to the market manager at We are currently full of bakers.

Market hours are 9 am -12 pm and we are located at 10260 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, VA 23601.

Read more about the impact of farmers markets on communities in this WHRO article we are featured in.

Photos by HHV, Inc. sponsor Molly Hunter Photography

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