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What is the Hilton Art Walk & Busker Festival?

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Nestled within the slow pace of Hilton Village, our city comes alive every year with an explosion of creative expression and celebration at the Hilton Art Walk & Busker Festival.

Our 105-year-old community transforms, under the trees, into an open-air gallery, with paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and more on display in our juried art show. This fusion of art and history adds depth to the experience.

Sprinkled throughout the festival are talented buskers who infuse the atmosphere with energy and creativity. Many people ask “What’s a busker?”. A busker is a musician who plays on the street or sidewalk for tips. While our street performers captivate audiences with their wit and, unique talents, they remind us that art is not confined to galleries.

The Hilton Art Walk is meant to inspire festival attendees to discover their own passion for creativity or their “creator within”. The commuNNity art project will capture that spirit, inviting everyone to collaborate. Our hope is that the community art activities will encourage active participation and foster a sense of unity among festival-goers.

If you're seeking an immersive experience where creativity flows freely, time slows down, and history and art intertwine, mark your calendar for the 4th annual Hilton Art Walk & Busker Festival!

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